Adaptive clothing for Disables

People with disable are shining in all field from government official to Entrepreneurs .Dressing well helps to increase an individual’s confidence which in turn enhances their emotional well-being. However, people with disabilities sometimes have difficulty finding clothes that are both accessible and fashionable. The ability to put on and take off their clothes easily is a major concern. Most would end up choosing a much larger piece of clothing so that it is easier to remove them. Comfort is also important for those who have to be seated all day such as wheelchair-users.

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Adaptive clothing and apparel is easier to use because of adaptations such as the following:

  • Wrap around skirts
  • Velcro on shoes
  • Front closing bras
  • Side-opening pants
  • Open back clothing
  • Zippers located in the front of clothing
  • Velcro or snap closures rather than buttons
  • Designs which allow a person to get dressed from a seated position

Where to buy Adaptive clothes?

  • A number of designers have noticed this challenge and have started designing clothing for persons with disabilities that incorporate both functionality and aesthetics. Here are few Suvastra Design in Chennai Old is Gold etc;
  • Tommy Hilfiger is  with the first-ever adaptive clothing line made for children with disabilities..It includes chinos, jeans, dresses and shirts with easy-close magnetic buttons and adjustable seams.
  • Lot of website which sells adaptive clothes like adaptiveclothingshowroom,, Buck and buck 

    What to Look for When Purchasing Adaptive Clothing:

    • For some conditions, particular with the elderly, it is essential that the materials used are not going to be abrasive to the skin.
    • Dignity is important, make sure the designs bear this in mind. Generous overlapping at the rear with night and day gowns and high backed waistbands for those in wheelchairs etc.
    • The fabrics that are used need to be of the highest quality and therefore able to withstand rigorous cleaning and usage.
    • Check where fasteners are located so that undue pressure is not applied to tender areas of the body which can then produce sores etc.
    • Garments that hang near wheelchair brakes or wheels, can be very hazardous.
    • Split shoulders allow dressing without having to place the clothing over the wearers head as the garment can be donned around the person.
    • Adaptive clothing should benefit the wearer both physically and psychologically, quality clothing often makes us feel good about ourselves, promoting a sense of wellbeing.
    • Feels and look like normal clothes – They should feel natural and comfortable for the wearer . Adaptive clothing should be discreet modifications; lightweight additions that do not bulk the garments, and allow unique enhancements like zippers to be easily tucked away and hidden.
    • Broad Range of Sizes– People come in all shapes and sizes, so clothing should come in all shapes and sizes. For the best mobility and style, the perfect size adaptive clothes will make all the difference

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