Why there is a Ribbon loop in the western top?

Ribbon loop are are meant to secure the dress to the hanger in the store – taking the pressure off of the garment shoulders and also to prevent  the dress from slipping off. When you hang the dress, take each loop and hook it over the hanging part of the hanger. The problem lies when you wear the dress or blouse they pop out. You could cut them off if they bother you but the garment will produce hanger wrinkle if you hang without it or hanging one shoulder/One shoulder top is difficult. screen-shot-2016-02-17-at-14-28-26

Everyone will have trouble deciding what to do with are the straps that come on fancier items like a strapless dress or top. Even the popular one-shoulder dress needs something to help hold it on a hanger.

It will pop way out of the top or dress and hand out the armhole. We have all been somewhere and have seen that person…all dressed up and that white strap hanging out the back of her arm.An easy Clothing Strap Solution, without cutting them off, so they can be used to hang the garment later!

Lay the dress flat and smooth the strap along the inside of the dress. Secure the bottom of the strap to the dress with a safety pin. No matter how much you kick up your heels that night the strap won’t budge…no dangling from the armhole either. When the night is over and you return home – simply unpin the strap and hang the dress/top back on the hanger! So easy!.An easy Clothing Strap Solution, without cutting them off, so they can be used to hang the garment later! This is a perfect solution for strapless, one-shoulder or any top that needs extra hanger staying power!



There is no rule for the blouse except it has to be more funky and fun .

There are times Youngster used to believe that Blouses are only for sarees  which could be wore only for family or college function but now the trend has changed  by giving a contemporary  touch to the blouse from crop top blouse  to statement top which can be worn for lehenga or with trousers to define your style. No matter how beautiful a saree is, the beauty and elegance pops out only when it is matched with an appropriate blouse in a perfect fit. The other thing that matters is how you pair it, what accessories you wear with, hairstyles to show off the lovely back neck design, and what embellishments you choose for the saree blouse styles.

Loose fits are the trend now .No more letting out seams with a safety pin. Cropped blouses are loose at the waist and the nicest thing is that they can multitask and be worn with skirts and trousers.

Many exciting things are happening with the sari blouse Because  women are open to experimenting, a lot more thought is going into it. Mix and match is in, and women don’t think anything of wearing a Kalamkari with a Kancheevaram, she says. Tie and dye, Ajrak and Ikat are right up there with a Zardosi, a Benarasi or a Tussar and there is nothing like the Maharashtrian Khan to lend an arty touch to any sari. silk saris with checks are back, worn with Kalamkari blouses. sleeves and back have sheer materials like net, is popular. Of course, there is bling too with elaborate embroidery and embellishments on the neck and back.

Buttons and zip has now replaced hook and eye. Series Cloth buttons in the back and fancy button even shirt button in the sides, on the cuff and zips in the back and side too. Little bows, ties with decorative tassel there are in trend now. “Mirror-work, sheer fabric, thread embroidery, long sleeves, short sleeves, crop tops, boat necks are hot favorites.  You can  do wacky things like  cutting up cushion covers to make my blouses. Mirror-worked cushion covers are one-tenth the cost of mirror-worked blouse pieces . people used to Wear a blouse that no one else can possibly find anywhere else  ,by using their creativity.

CAPE STYLE BLOUSE for the party


 Cape blouses are a perfect fusion of the new and the old. Whether it’s worn on a sarees, dress, gown, fitted kurtas or even on a pair of skinny denims; a cape can effortlessly add a stylish and edgy look to your outfit. Capes can be sheer or opaque, can be like a cover-up for the winter, or look like a part of the outfit. Wear a cropped cape blouse with your sari or wear a floor length cape jacket with your salwar kameez, or pair your cropped cape blouse with a stylish lehenga.

Is it your wedding?? Or you want to attend someone’s wedding??

Zardosi work, Aari work, cut work tends to attract the bride as it could highlight them on their BIG day. If you want your sari to grab the attention and keep the blouse simple and elegant you can try simple embroidery and stylish blouse back neck designs and elbow length sleeves with big borders etc. Elbow sleeve and heavy work in the back blouse is trend when it comes to bridal blouse now. Designer Latkans are the one which is worn on the Bridal blouse to highlight the back

High necks  greatly attracted by youngster now with  floral print, and the three-fourth or even full sleeves. Women don’t hesitate to wear floral blouses with even their traditional pattus. And it is not small prints, but big full-blown flowers in bold colors. Mostly, these blouses are worn with satin Georgette and other fancy saris. Parrots and other birds that were big have now made way for flowers.